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The time of beginning of life or the time of birth is not under the control of person. Similarly all entire the good or bad person has to face, just because his life started at a particular time, is not under his control. The study of Muhurta is the study of that 'time of comme...Read More

Rudraksha - The Wonder Bead

Rudraksha is known for its mystical and spiritual powers. It is associated with Lord Shiva and is said to have originated from his tears…. Hence the name, Rudra means Shiva and aksye means eyes. Both the words put together mean the Eyes of Lord shiva. Rudraksha is known for positive result...Read More

Matching of Horoscope In Cuspal Interlinks Theory

Matching of Horoscopes for Marriage 
Cuspal Inter Links ( Khullar Method using SSL)

Existing system of matching of horoscopes for marriage is not scientific.  Most of the Traditional Astrologers use the method of matching the 10 GUNAS and checking current Dasa period po...Read More

Living Life Vastu Wise

DIVINE LOCATION: Shoulder of Vastu Purush
RULING PLANET: Guru (Jupiter)
ELEMENT: Water (Jal)
CHAKRA: All meridians between eyes
EMBODIMENT: Wealth and Career
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Treasury and Main Entrance, North ...Read More


Satesati is a very dreadful word for common masses. It occurs after every 30 years in life. People go by mere traditional convention and general principles that Sadesati periods brings dis-satisfaction ,disappointment ,depressions,differences,disharmony add undesirable results.So the people on th...Read More

Cuspal Interlinks Theory :

Quite often, Natal Charts (Rashi Charts) prepared on the basis of date,time and place of birth, could not show any difference in the horoscopes of persons born on the same day within small interval of time.Practically,the events occurred/occurring in the life of these persons are extremely differ...Read More

Gayatri mantra

A mantra is a set of sacred names or syllables, combined in such a way that it attracts spritual power like a magnet. Most relegions believe that a mantra has the power to create or destroy.

The underlying principles of mantra work in a defenite sequence. When a mantra is repeatedly cha...Read More

Om (Aum)

This was the sound heard by Rishi Vishwamitra while he was meditating. When he mentioned this to his colleagues, they unanimously decided to call this sound Om. Because this sound is available in all three periods of time, hence it is Sat(a permanent feature). Therefore, this was the first revolu...Read More