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Cuspal Interlinks Theory :

Quite often, Natal Charts (Rashi Charts) prepared on the basis of date,time and place of birth, could not show any difference in the horoscopes of persons born on the same day within small interval of time.Practically,the events occurred/occurring in the life of these persons are extremely different.Moreover,persons born in the same Ascendant on the same day even with a gap of 1 hour time difference will also have the same Rashi Chart.  Thus prediction on the basis of these charts will be a common one.

Mr. Khullar says, “No two individuals are alike, so each individual needs to have a different horoscope”.The horoscope prepared on the basis of CIL-Khullar method explains how events in the life of two individuals born within a small time gap differ drastically.Finding out exact degree at which the Ascendant of the native raises is very important in this type of Astrology.Shri Khullar in his book “Your True Horoscope” explains how to fix  correct Ascendant Degree .Even 4 seconds difference in Birth Time will make 1 minute change in the Ascendant degree which will alter the Sub-Sub Lord of either Ascendant or any other house/houses, thereby gives completely different promise for the native for any particular aspect.  

Ascendant has 4 ruling planets.They are Sign Lord, Star Lord, Sub Lord and Sub-Sub Lord. Specific Sub Lord and Sub-Sub Lord of Ascendant give correct horoscope.Shri Khullar in his above referred book illustrated the method and rules to fix Sub and Sub-Sub lord of Ascendant.Like Ascendant, all other houses also have 4 ruling planets each. The 12x4=48 planet’s Matrix like Edifice is known as “Cuspal Positions”.By using these Cuspal Positions along with positions of planets in Bhava Chart and transit positions of planets at the time of birth of the native,we can check promise and Dasa potential of the native for an event.   For example, to know as to whether the native is destined to have child or not,Ascendant has to establish linkage with 5th  house and 5th house Sub-Sub Lord has to establish linkage with 2/5/11 is a pre-requisite criteria.
Similarly, each house promises certain event for the native.  

For any event to happen three things are essential.They are promise indicated by the sub-sub lord of the Ascendant and Sub-Sub lord of the Primary cusp, Dasa potential to enact that event and favorable transit of Dasa period lord, Sun, Moon and other slow moving planets.In absence any one of the above three, the event could not happen.  

Fundamental principle in Nadiamsa based Sub-Sub and CIL theory is “At the time of happening of a promised event, Ascendant position and Moon’s position should be co-ruled by Planets that are significators of that event”.Sub-Sub and CIL is purely stellar based astrology which is in tune with our ancient Hindu Astrological concepts. It is very scientific and is devoid of any vagueness.This theory does not support the use of the concepts of Retrograsion, combustion and aspects.