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Living Life Vastu Wise

DIVINE LOCATION: Shoulder of Vastu Purush
RULING PLANET: Guru (Jupiter)
ELEMENT: Water (Jal)
CHAKRA: All meridians between eyes
EMBODIMENT: Wealth and Career
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Treasury and Main Entrance, North is also a space of Mother. Leaving some portion open in north leads to prosperity of maternal side as well as provides health, comforts, peace etc. for the owner.
AVOID: Toilets and Fire Places.
COLOURS: , Pastel Shades, Shades of Green, Pale Colors.
SHAPES: Rectangles and polylines.
Plants: Palm, Paraspeepal, Pakar, Sirish, Neem Bilva.

DIRECTION: Northeast
DIVINE LOCATION: Head of Vastu Purush 
RULING GOD: Ishaanya
RULING PLANET: Buddha (Mercury)
ELEMENT: Water (Jal)
CHAKRA: Vishudha Chakra
EMBODIMENT: Knowledge and Spiritual Wealth.
RECOMMENDED SPACES: This is a place for worship, Meditation, introspection, wells, underground tanks, boring wells, bedrooms.
AVOID: Heavy objects and structures, Master Bedrooms, toilets, kitchen, Impure spaces.
COLOURS: Bright yellow, Bright whites
SHAPES: Regular Linear shapes, squares
PLANTS: Basil, Herbs, White Pansies, or Geraniums as color highlights in this direction.

DIVINE LOCATION: Right shoulder of Vastu Purush
RULING GOD:Indra (King of Gods)
RULING PLANET: Shukra ( Venus)
ELEMENT: Light, Power 
CHAKRA: Throat Chakra
EMBODIMENT: Fertility, Wealth, Children
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Dining Halls, More doors and Windows on East side.
AVOID: Toilets, Children’s Rooms
COLOURS:  Orange, Yellow, Saffron 
SHAPES: Star, Tetrahedron, Hexagon
PLANTS: Lavender, Rose, Bergamot etc. help relieve stress, so they should be in the east of your drawing room or workplace.

DIRECTION: Southeast
DIVINE LOCATION: Right Thigh and Arm Of Vastu Purush.
RULING GOD: Agni (God of Fire)
RULING PLANET: Chandra (Moon)
ELEMENT: Fire (Agni)
CHAKRA: Triple Heater
EMBODIMENT: Health, Women’s Issues
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Kitchen, Fireplaces, Electrical Appliances.
AVOID: Water Bodies, Kid’s Bedroom, Young Couple’s Bedroom
COLOURS: Warm Colors, Orange, Reds and Yellow
SHAPES: Half Moon shape, Elliptical
PLANTS: Herbs Mint, Fennel, Basil, Roses, Tulips, Geraniums and Dhalias. 

DIVINE LOCATION: Ankle of Vastu Purush
RULING GOD: Yama (God of Dharma and Death)
RULING PLANET: Mangal (Mars)
CHAKRA: Muldhara Chakra
EMBODIMENT: Life and Death, Legal Affairs.
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Bedrooms, Stores, Dead Stock, Grain Store.
AVOID: Study Rooms, Living Rooms.
COLOURS: All Earth Colors, Brown Shades.
SHAPES: Sloping Sites, Irregular Shapes, Triangles.
PLANTS: Udumbara (Goolar), and Panas are favourable towards South of the House Limits.

DIRECTION: Southwest
DIVINE LOCATION: Feet of Vastu Purush.
RULING GOD: Nirti ( Lord of Demons)
CHAKRA: Muldhara Chakra
EMBODIMENT: Fame, Income, Longevity.
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Master Bedrooms, Store Rooms, Very Important Rooms.
AVOID: Pits, Wells, Septic Tanks, Water Storage Tanks, Toilets and Bathrooms.
COLOURS: Black, All Earth colors, Purples
SHAPES: Square, Cubes, Stable Forms.
PLANTS: Heavy Leaf Bearing Trees like Ashoka, Neem Banyan, Sirsa are best suited on the Southwest.

DIVINE LOCATION: Left Ankle of Vastu Purush
RULING GOD: Varun (God of Water and Rains)
RULING PLANET: Shani (Saturn)
ELEMENT: Air, Moisture
CHAKRA: Above Abdomen
EMBODIMENT: Fate, Karma, Fame, Male Issues.
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Services, Toilets, and Bedrooms.
AVOID: Study Rooms, Meeting Areas and Important Rooms.
COLOURS: Grey, Navy Blue, Blackish.
SHAPES: Circular, Elliptical
PLANTS: Bilva, Madhuka, and Peepal are very favorable on the west of the House Limit.

DIRECTION: Northwest
DIVINE LOCATION: Arm and Thigh of Vastu Purush.
RULING GOD: Vayu (God of Wind)
CHAKRA: Swadhistan/Anahata Chakra
EMBODIMENT: Communication, Social Life, Business.
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Store Rooms, Accounts Area.
AVOID: Air Is Necessary For All Living Beings Therefore Tall Structures Should Not Be Built In This Area.
COLOURS: Light Blues, Dull Whites.
SHAPES: Square, Rectangles
PLANTS: Blue Bells, Forget me not and Iris.

DIRECTION: Brahmasthan
DIVINE LOCATION: Navel of Vastu Purush
RULING GOD: Brahma (Creator)
ELEMENT: Earth, Space
CHAKRA: Manipura Chakra
EMBODIMENT: Balance, Creativity.
RECOMMENDED SPACES: Sitting Room, Drawing Room, Prescribed to keep the area vacant as Vastu Purush breathes through these open spaces.
AVOID: Heavy Built Structures, Staircases, Kitchen, and Toilet etc.
COLOURS: Light Pastel Shades.
SHAPES: All solid shapes, Squares.
PLANTS: Tulsi, Spiritual of Low Height and Less Foliage.
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Sub Title : Vastu For Commercial Places    
 1)For Commercial establishments, though all the directions are good, North and East facing Shops are the best.

 2)The sales counter will always face the road or the entry for the small shops, such as grocery etc., but for the South and West facing shops, owner or salesman should sit such that he is in the Southwest zone and is facing east or north while sitting and receiving cash.

3)For bigger shops and Stores, the cash counter should be in North or Northeast zone. 

4)The manager or the senior officers should sit in Southwest zone facing North direction. 

5)The process flow from Godown to the Dispatch Area should be clockwise or from North to South ; East to West. 

6)Services, Toilets etc. should be avoided from Northeast or Southwest side. 

7)Levels should be kept so that the South side is always higher than the North. 

8)Northeast higher than North.  

9)Northeast the Ishaanya zone is good for worshiping and should always be kept clean and less loaded. 10)The gradient of the land surrounding the building or sheds should either be level or higher on the South or West side. 

11)Safes need to be located along the North wall. Also unhealthy for another payday loans to develop.
Sub Title : Vastu For Offices    
 1)The Shape (Geometry) of any cabin should be regular, i.e. square or perfect rectangle.
2)There should be no obstacle (dvar-vedh) in front of the door.
3)The door shutters should be pushed inside while entering into a cabin and the door should be fixed squarely on its hinges and open easily.
4)The Master Chamber should be in or nearest the Southwest zone.
5)The Director/ Manager/Senior Staff should operate from South and /or West zone.
6)The junior staff and other activities should be in Northwest, North, Northeast, east and Southeast zone.
7)The Directors/ Managers /Officers should face East or North.
8)Pantry and Toilet should not be in Northeast, Southwest or Central Zones.
9)Accountants, Software Engineers or Technical staff who face constant stress and are vulnerable to mental fatigue should always face East occupying Eastern, Northern or North Zone of the Office Block.
10)People Such as builders, Share brokers or investors, Financial Institution or Work requiring lots of manipulation, should occupy Southwest, South or West part of the office Block and should always face North.
11)Computer, Electronic or Electric equipments such as Photocopier need to be positioned in the Southeast section of the office.
12)A shade of Yellow is mentally stimulating and awakens the mind.