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Om (Aum)

This was the sound heard by Rishi Vishwamitra while he was meditating. When he mentioned this to his colleagues, they unanimously decided to call this sound Om. Because this sound is available in all three periods of time, hence it is Sat(a permanent feature). Therefore, this was the first revolutionary idea to identify the formless God with a specific title (form) called Upadhi. Until that time, everybody recognized God as formless and nobody was prepared, to accept this new idea. In Gita also, it is said," Omiti Ekaksharam Brahm", meaning that the name of God is supreme is Om. This sound Om heard while in a samadhi was called, by all the rishis, as Naad Brahm, a very great noise. Hence the rishis called this sound Udgith (a musical sound from the heavens above). Om is the first sound which created everything in the universe. It is a manifestation  of Brahma himself. Om is chanted as AUM. A should be chanted from the region of Mooldhara and should slowly move to the region of Solar Plexus, U from the region of sternum and M starting from the region of throat and culminating at ajna between the eyebrows. Thus we cover all the chakras from mooldhara to ajna, visualizing that the Kundalini is awakening at the 'root center' and passing through all the chakras before arriving at the 'eyebrow center', thus opening our 'third eye'. The first part of the sound should be pronounced as AH, second part as OO and the third part as MM. The trinity of Aum covers the whole creation : beginning,middle, end; unconscious, conscious and supra conscious; waking; dreaming and dreamless sleep; physical, mental and spiritual creation, sustenance and destruction - Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. The sound of Flute of lord Krishna is equated to Aum. The practitioner should be hollow (ego-less) like the flute of lord Krishna, should surrender lovingly to the will of God, concentrate on single note of the flute, and then one day he/she may actually hear the real cosmic Om. God can be approached in many different ways. In the path of devotion you can relate to God as your guru, father, mother, brother, sister, son, friend or your beloved depending on your feelings. Relating to God as mother is best because a mother always pardons the child for all his/ her mistakes and is ready to give love unconditionally. However, any relation will work provided it is taken sincerely and faithfully.