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Rudraksha - The Wonder Bead

Rudraksha is known for its mystical and spiritual powers. It is associated with Lord Shiva and is said to have originated from his tears…. Hence the name, Rudra means Shiva and aksye means eyes. Both the words put together mean the Eyes of Lord shiva. Rudraksha is known for positive results on human body, mind and health.

Rudraksha is a tree, dwarf in size which has fruits as berries, mostly available in three colors – red, mixed and black. These species are found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, islands of Borneo and New Guinea and Australia.

The trees in Nepal yield bigger sized Rudrakshas, whereas those of Malaysia are small green pea sized. They are bitter in taste but have deworming and energy giving properties, therefore it is considered a great medicinal fruit and plant.

Mukh or mouth or facet of the Rudraksha

A mukh is a complete dividing line running from the top of the seed unto the bottom. Generally in two, three, four, five and six mukhi Rudraksha, these dividing lines are equally spaced (with exceptions). In higher ones they may be unequally placed. There are Rudraksha from one mukh to twenty two mukhs. Rudraksha up to 29 mukhs have been reported from Nepal. There are higher mukhi beads in yhe Indonesian variety but they are extremely rare. Normally there is no reference beyond 14 mukhis  due to extreme rarity of higher mukhi beads. When two Rudraksha combine it is called “Gauri Shankar” having the power of Shiva and Parvati. When three Rudraksha get joined together and are undetachable, it is called “Paatt” which signifies the powers of Shiva, Paravati and Ganesha put together, but they are seldom found.

1)    Ekmuhki Rudraksha – It is considered Lord shiva Himself. It washes away the sins as serious as “Brahma hatya”. The native gets to fulfill all his / her wishes.
2)    Domukhi Rudraksha – The native gets to be pardoned by the Almighty for most of his sins. It is useful for good family life; bring unity in all relationships with people and to get married.
3)    Teenmukhi Rudraksha – It is known to remove laziness and makes a person energetic. One who wears this becomes bold and brave like fire.
4)    Chaturmukhi Rudraksha – It gives fame in all four directions. Children can wear it improve their concentration in studies and for better memory. The native attains divinity and salvation.
5)    Panchmukhi Rudraksha- It gives fame and mental peace. Gives the power to annihilate the sinners.
6)    Chawhamukhi Rudraksha – It should be worn in right hand and is very powerful, blessing the native with wealth, health and happiness. It gives power to destroy all the enemies.
7)    Saptamukhi Rudraksha – These are beneficial to get increased attention from opposite sex and also helpful in enchantment.
8)    Ashtamukhi Rudraksha – They ensures all success in every endeavor and also profits. it gives the wearer an analytic mind, great understanding and good writing skills.
9)    Naumukhi Rudraksha – it ensures success in life and mission. It makes the wearer powerful and self confident.
10)    Dasamukhi Rudraksha – These Rudraksha are said to bear God Himself and have the power to instantly  destroy all evil effects of all unfavorable planets.
11)    Ekaadashamukhi Rudraksha – It is a highly pious Rudraksha and is worn in the hair to be beneficial. It blesses the wearer with good luck and fortune and confers leadership qualities and power to gain control over all senses.
12)    Dwadasmukhi Rudraksha – If worn in ears, all kind of physical and psychic disorders are warded off.
13)    Trayodas Rudraksha – these fulfill all the aspirations in life.
14)    Chaturdasmukhi Rudraksha – If at all anybody gets this Rudraksha, it should be worn on head as this is a replica of god Himself. It improves the visualization power and helps people to protect themselves and gives the power to take correct decision in every action plan.

Identifying the original Rudraksha before using it is very crucial. It has vast application in the medicinal field also. Some of the diseases where Rudraksha can be used as powder or ointment or a mixture prepared with other natural products to cure them are listed in the following article. Some methods to identify the true Rudraksha are also given.
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Sub Title : Availability and Application of Rudraksha    
 Availability and Application of Rudraksha

Most easily available Rudraksha is the one with five facets. Rudraksha of One mukh and from nine to Fourteen, Twenty one, Twenty two mukh are very hard to find. According to Shiva Puran, the garland consisting of 26 beads should be worn on head, 50 on chest, 16 on the two arms and twelve on the wrist. All aspirations are fulfilled if garlands of 108 beads are worn and 50 beads are worshiped with.

The emanating energy from Rudraksha mouth is known to possess great remedial powers. Rudraksha is mixed with many other ayurvedic products to get the desired results, but it should be taken only after doctor’s advice. Following are the areas where Rudraksha is useful as a medicine.

1 mukhi – Thrombosis, urinary stones, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, diseases of eyes and skin, fistula and night blindness.
2 Mukhi – Heart and lung disease, disorders of left eye, leukemia, liver, breast problem, loss of memory, infections of urinary bladder.
3 mukhi – Infection of blood, blood pressure, cholera, ulcer, swellings, disorders of adrenal glands and cold.
4 mukhi – Diseases of ear, eye, throat, nose, paralysis, gall bladder, memory loss, all mental illness, diseases of arms, legs and lungs.
5 mukhi – Diseases of liver, fistula, acidity, BP, problems of vertebral column and cardiac problems.
6 mukhi – Problems of throat, neck, kidney, thyroid, urinary and eyes. Indigestion, arthritis and for all obstruction of veins and arteries.
7 mukhi - …Diseases of liver, fistula, acidity, BP, problems of vertebral column and cardiac problems.
8 muhki – Diseases of nervous system, prostrate, gall bladder, and lungs, fear of snakes, cataract, hydrosol and breathing problems.
9 mukhi – disease of heart , lungs, breasts, sexual organ, abortion, conceiving problems.
10 mukhi – fear of someone standing behind, insomnia, hearing problems.
11 muki – Heart problems, BP, diabetes.
12 mukhi – All diseases of skin, heart, eyes and nose and BP.
13 mukhi – Prroblems of throat, neck, kidney, sex organs, typhoid,urinary and eye diseases. Phychiatric  disorders, indigestion and arthritis.
14 mukhis – Weakness, stomach ache, paralysis, epilepsy, problems of women, purification of sperms.
15 mukhis – Diseases of heart, eyes, all general diseases, problems of lymph and throat areas.
16 mukhi – Mental disorders, epilepsy.
17 mukhi – stomach ache, skin problems and ulcer.
18 mukhi – abortions.
19 mukhi – for sexual disorders and various incurable diseases.
20 mukhi – Diabetes, deafness.
21 mukhi – to retain male power, fertility. 

It is important to use only original Rudraksha as many fake varieties are also available. One should be able to judge the originality on the following basis :

1)    Normally a Rudraksha sinks in water but exeptions are always there. This is not a fool proof test since the faked ones also sink.
2)    Do not buy a round 1 mukhi, do not buy a gaurishankar having flat end to end joint. 
3)    X – ray / CT scan can reveal that whether the number of seed are equal to the number of lines as mandatory.
4)    Boiling in water for a minimum of two hours will reveal the truth. An original bead should remain uniform in color even after boiling.

This article summarizes only a few things about Rudraksha, since this wonder bead has powers that require a whole book to describe it.