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Satesati is a very dreadful word for common masses. It occurs after every 30 years in life. People go by mere traditional convention and general principles that Sadesati periods brings dis-satisfaction ,disappointment ,depressions,differences,disharmony add undesirable results.So the people on the above accounts are very much nervous.

Sadesati consists of 3 cycles of 2-1/2yearseach called Dhaia when Saturn transits in 12th., 1st., or 2nd.,house from Moon Lagna.But I may clear that the effect of all the three cycles is not bad  for the native directly or for self.
Generally transit Saturn produces good results for the native when it passes from 3rd, 6th,10th and 11th houses from the moon sign, whereas when the planet transits through the angles the results may not be favorable. The worst results are experienced when Saturn transits through the 12th the 1st and the 2nd houses with respect to the moon sign, which also being referred to as Sadhesati in Vedic astrology. It is almost assured the person will face health and wealth problems besides many challenging situations in the career during such period.
Similarly transit Saturn in the 8th house with respect to the moon sign also gives a threat to the personal safety and health of the individual. But while analyzing the effect of the transit Saturn, it needs to be considered from various angles unlike the normal and conventional system of analysis which analyzes from the moon sign alone. Of course the effect of transit planets are effective or pronounced with respect to the placement of the planets from the moon sign, but furthermore, the placement of the planets from the Lagna i.e. ascendant as well as in relation to other planets also matter.

Now a days Saturn is transiting  through the Virgo sign w.e.f. 9th September 2009, which means  Leo, Virgo and Libra signs are under the influence of  Sadhesati. Leo is under the influence of third cycle, Virgo is under the influence of  second cycle and Libra is influence of first cycle. At the same time signs which are on 4th and 8th places of the transit Saturn they are i,e, Gemini and Aquarius are under the influence of two and half years Saturn influence means the above signs are under the influence of Dhaiya of Saturn.
As you have seen that this Sadesati is just a Transit position in an individual's chart. Only a transit cannot make an event happen. First of all the promise of an event should be there and after the promise the Dasha Bhukti should allow it to happen. Last but not the least the Transit should agree to it so that the event can 
take place.

All said and done Saturn has been taken, accepted and granted malefic interalia without taking into consideration the other rules for the Transit of planets :

1. The position of Saturn in the birth chart whether it is exalted, in mooltrikona Rashi, in own Rashi or in friendly Rashi.

2. The ownership of Saturn for different Ascendants,whether it is benefic or Yogkarka.

3. When the planet is strong at birth but weak in transit then the results will be neutral. It will not cause much loss, worries etc.  to the native.

4. When Saturn is weak at birth and in transit is also weak then only we can presume malefic results.

5. The aspects of Saturn with planets are to be considered whether the aspects are good or evil.

The fact remains that many people during Sadesati period get promotions, increase in business, get married, blessed with a child, have constructed and acquired property, won elections, purchased new car and thus enjoy fruits of life. But according to traditional methods these people should have suffered denial of comforts, disappointments, differences, depressions, disputes, and other undesirable results.                       

So the bottom line is that, whether Sadesati would benefice, be malefic or be neutral, can only be ascertained  after a detailed analysis of the positions of the planets in an individual's horoscope.

- Sh. Anirudh Nigam