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A Jyotish Shashtachrya Shri Praveen Checker is a well qualified astrologer, imparting distinctive and precise predictions. He has earned a loyal clientele base both in India and abroad. He is a deeply religious and spiritual person who had started his career as an Architect and Vastu Consultant For last 22 years he has been highly successful in his career with many laudable projects to his credit.

But the ways of God had always been intriguing him and so started the quest for looking into the future through Astrology. He has this natural ability to foresee events which is now fortified by scientific and logical study on the subject.Rather than dealing with the generalized predictions, he strongly believes that every person being unique in his status of birth (Time,Date & Place)and Planetary motions need to dealt specifically.

He has a complete authority over Horary Astrology or "Prashna Charts". This technique is very useful for people who are unaware of their birth details and also helps for some specific query bothering the querist.

Presently Sh.Praveen Checker is a research scholar in Astrology and is always enhancing his skills to make his predictions even more and more accurate and effective.