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An indvidual can make use of this technique (Prashana kundli / Horary Astrology) to know answers to specific questions pertaining to events in near past or future that extend up to maximum of one year.

Horary Astrology or Prashna is used in the following circumstances :
A) Correct Birth details are not known therefore a true horoscope cannot be casted.
B) Specific questions pertaining to immediate future/solving immediate problems need to be addressed. For example....

1) Will I get through the entrance exam?
2) Will i get the job/promotion?
3) Will i get married to the girl/boy of my choice?
4) Whether the diagnosis made is correct?Are the medicines appropriate? Is there likelihood of recovery?
5) Will i recover the stolen money ? What was the appearence of the thief?

Similarly Specific questions related to any field / area like Marriage, Children, Profession, Business, Employment, Fights, Disputes, Ligitation, Competitions etc. can be asked that bothers the Querist.

For this purpose the querist need to furnish some of the basic information along with the query as asked in the form.

Rs.885/- (INR) Indian Rupees
Including Gst Tax.