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Precise and correct predictions can only be done on the basis of a accurate natal horoscope. To make a horoscope three things are required namely Time, Date and Place of birth. In most of the cases date and place provided are correct but the time of birth may vary due to number of reasons, for example in rural areas a watch is not much used,the mechanical watches used may have lost or gained time in minutes / hours, the doctors and nurses may not note the correct time due to medical complications.Also the correct birth time is taken as when the child takes his/ her breath for which the time to be noted down is very difficult.

Taking all this into account a wise astrologer would always verify a horoscope by matching the past events in the life of the indvidual in question and then only proceed to make predictions. An astrolger in a single look at the horoscope can determine whether the time difference is little or more.
Therefore do not worry if you are unaware of your correct birth time, we can determine it for you. We only need the correct day, month, year and place of your birth and also the approximate time of the day as to whether it was early/ late morning, noon or night etc.

Alongwith this, the past events of life mentioned by you could be related to job joining/ leaving, marriage/ divorce, love affair, death of blood relative, any major illness/ surgeries, education,travel abroad or any other event you can remember.

Rs.5900/- (INR) Indian Rupees
Including Gst Tax.