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Correct and precise predictions depend upon the accuracy of the Natal Horoscope. To generate a true natal horoscope the correct Time, Date and Place of Birth are required. The Horoscope of a person shows the special relationship between the Sun, Moon and planets at the place and moment of your birth. Your unique horoscope tells everything about your personality, character, how you think and feel about things, your talents, kinds of things that would be useful for you to learn, your strengths and weaknesses and major events of life. Since all the aspects of life offer great amount of data to be analyzed, we advise to look in detail into specific areas of life which are posing a challenge. The following areas can be analyzed separately to give precise predictions and remedies.

Match Making Analysis

Guna Milan or Horoscope matching involves elaborate system of matching of horoscope of the bride and the groom on the basis of eight compatibility points. It is done to ensure a harmonious, balanced and heal...



Marriage Analysis

Marriage is a social institution where two individuals of opposite sex live together and bring up a family. This is the most delicate relationship of life because it involves a lot of psychological, emotiona...




Progeny Analysis

Giving birth to children and bringing them up is the divine way of continuity of our race. This is considered a way of repayment of debts of our forefathers or fullfilment of " Pitra Rina". Parenti...

Business/Career Analysis

Every indvidual who has invested a good chunk of his / her life in studying hard or learning a skill, wants to be a achiever / successful in his / her career.

Even those who cannot complete their e...



Education Analysis

As the world becomes more and more competetive and technology dependent, the need for better and higher education is on the increase. This in turn leads to competion that is ever increasing for better academ...

Property Analysis

"The more the merrier" this does not apply just to the parties but also to the number of properties a person owns in his / her name.

Every single indvidual has a dream of having his own h...



Health Analysis

The saying goes "Healthy body has healthy mind", it signifies that success in any field cannot be acheived by a ill body/ mind.

With the ever increasing kind of ailments, pollution, unhea...

Travel Analysis

With the drastic advancement in the modes of transport, the world has become a smaller place. Today each and every person wants to increase his/her horizon of bussiness/ education. Other reasons for travelli...