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Guna Milan or Horoscope matching involves elaborate system of matching of horoscope of the bride and the groom on the basis of eight compatibility points. It is done to ensure a harmonious, balanced and healthy married relationship in future.

This practice has been followed intensely and religiously for ages in India. As a result, most marriages in India are a success, but this percentage of success had been decreasing drastically. Few reasons for this fall may also be attributed to changing lifestyles, increasing ego clashes and instances of increasing love marriages.

But now again, the importance of traditional practice of horoscope matching is gaining ground and more and more people are opting for it through qualified Astrologers.
The Eight Compatibility factors are called "Kuta" and are explained below:

1) Varna: (Mental Compatibility - For this aspect maximum 1 point is allotted) - Varna shows the basic potential of a person and his or her inherent skills and abilities.

2) Vasaya: (Power Compatibility - this aspect maximum 2 points are allotted)- Vasaya shows the power equation between the partners. It reflects who will be more dominant partner in the relationship.

3) Tara: (Birth Star Compatibility - for this aspect maximum 3 points are allotted) - Tara indicates the health, well being and longevity of the partners after marriage. This test reflects if marriage is favorable or unfavorable in promoting longevity and health of each partner.

4) Yoni: (Physical and Sexual Compatibility - for these aspect maximum 4 points are allotted). Yoni indicates sexual and biological compatibility, as well as mutual love and inclinations of the partners reflecting attraction, love and sexual joy.

5) Grahamaitri: (Planetary harmony - This aspect has a maximum of 5 points) - Grahamaitri shows progeny prospects, mental qualities and mutual affection between the partners. It also shows one’s outlook, objective, and intellectual level as well as spiritual plane of existence. It reflects the fundamental difference in daily behavior, attitude and norm by which a man and a woman relate to each other.

6) Gana: (Compatibility of Nature - this aspect has maximum of 6 points) - Gana shows the nature of different individuals at a mundane level and indicates the compatibility of temperament and mutual daily behavior, for happiness and prosperity in their lives.

7) Bhakut: (Compatibility between Zodiac Moon Signs - this aspect has maximum 7 points.) Bhakut is a crucial test to check overall prosperity in the growth of family, family welfare and economic prosperity after marriage.

8) Nadi: (Compatibility between the Life forces - this aspect has the highest value with the maximum of 8 points.) Nadi shows the pulse and the nervous energy indicating the physiological and heredity factor. This test also measures the genetic compatibility between the couples to produce healthy progeny after marriage.

You can ask for our Match Making Report and get a complete and exhaustive analysis based on these eight points, through which you can easily make out whether the given chart ( of the boy and girl) is compatible to yours or not.

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