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Giving birth to children and bringing them up is the divine way of continuity of our race. This is considered a way of repayment of debts of our forefathers or fullfilment of " Pitra Rina". Parenting is a joyful experience and all our efforts, dreams and aspirations revolve around them.

But due to many reasons some couples may experience difficulties in having children.Your progeny report will reveal reasons for your present problems or that you will face in future. The kind of facts a person is likely to be interested are covered below:

1) Time period of birth of your child
2) Reasons for delay in having children
3) Problems related to pregnancy like, miscarriages/still birth/complication during child birth / pregnancy period.
4) Remedies for Gand Mool Nakshatra.

You can ask any specific query on the listed points or anything else that has not been covered.

From now on you need not worry about problems related to having children because you can know everything about your progeny through our Progeny Analysis Report which anwsers all your general as well as specific questions.

Like the saying goes "Forewarned is forearmed".We can advise you with correct and right answers and also suggest easy, safe, inexpensive and result bearing remedies which usually solve all kind of progeny problems.

So say bye to all your children related tensions, opt for our Progeny Analysis Report to update you with all the facts of present and future.


Rs.2950/- (INR) Indian Rupees
Including Gst Tax.